Kenya Drylands Livestock Development Program


The Kenya Drylands Livestock Development Program (KDLDP) is helping pastoralist households in northeast Kenya overcome the many existing obstacles to achieving both economic and food security in the region.  In an area where the livestock industry provides work for 90% of the labor force and contributing to as much as 95% of family incomes, problems include poor access to inputs like seeds and water, unsatisfactory disease control measures, lack of price transparency, poor linkages between producers and markets, and – most immediately – drought due to climate change.

CNFA’s project is funded through a USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Leader with Associates award and is focused on connecting farmers to vital inputs, services, and local partners.  By improving livestock productivity and competitiveness, enhancing trade and marketing, adding value to livestock products, influencing policy, and promoting strategies for mitigating drought, CNFA is increasing incomes and food security for at least 50,000 households, creating 600 new jobs and facilitating access to credit to catalyze trade, production, and value-adding activities.

Latest Results

  • Improved incomes and food security for 9,221 rural households, reaching 50,000 households by 2013.
  • Trained 1,880 individuals in short-term agricultural productivity.
  • Supported 128 women’s organizations and associations.
  • Assisted 79 producer organizations and business associations.
  • Increased trained agrodealers sales by 27% since program inception.
  • Impacted 123 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHW).
  • Trained 1,500 youth in productive agricultural.