Agribusiness Project: Pakistan


The five-year, $90 million Pakistan Agribusiness Project (Pakistan AP), funded by USAID-Pakistan, strengthens local capacity within key value chains to increase sales in domestic and foreign markets. The program increases economic growth, creates employment opportunities and amplifies the competitiveness of horticulture and livestock value chains. Pakistan AP also increases effectiveness of smallholder enterprises, enhances agriculture productivity, and is the first USAID economic growth program to be led by a Pakistani organization – the Agribusiness Support Fund (ASF). As ASF’s stateside partner, CNFA’s role is to assist ASF in strengthening grant management, accounting, reporting, monitoring and evaluation, environmental, and information management systems and procedures, as well as to provide technical assistance for development of horticulture and livestock value chains.

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Program Approach:

  • Provide technical assistance and capacity building training to farmers, associations and agribusiness enterprises across the target value chains.
  • Offer customized cost-sharing grant products across the key value chains.
  • Provide international support for agricultural marketing and brand development to identify and capitalize on high-price market opportunities and develop market linkages.
  • Establish several Value Chain Platforms to promote the development of specific subsectors and create linkages for the stakeholders involved within the value chains.

Current Impact:

  • 62,500 farmers receiving technical assistance and training.
  • 2,500 Agribusiness stakeholders receiving technical assistance and training.
  • 1,300,000 jobs created that will substantially raise farm incomes.
  • $310,000,000 leveraged from the private sector through the provision of cost sharing grants to 45,450 farmers, associations, cooperatives and agribusinesses.