Reaching Last Mile Markets

More than a decade ago, CNFA revolutionized the international agricultural development with the creation of the Farm Service Center (FSC) model, a blueprint for creating one-stop rural shops that provide farmers with access to inputs, services and information.

This groundbreaking approach to improving smallholder incomes and livelihoods by harnessing the power of the private sector has spread from a single FSC in Moldova over ten years ago, to almost 200 stores across three continents at the end of 2019.

Over the past year, CNFA has expanded the FSC model with plans to launch 21 FSCs in three new countries, including seven in Rwanda funded through the Feed the Future Hinga Weze Activity; eight in Egypt funded through the Feed the Future Egypt Food Security and Agribusiness Support; and six in Côte d’Ivoire funded through USDA’s Maximizing Opportunities in Cocoa Activity (MOCA) and in collaboration with GIZ, Germany.

Like the first FSC developed in Moldova, each new FSC has been closely adapted to fit the specific needs of each region and country in which it was established. Using CNFA’s time-tested approach, new FSCs are designed to drive long-term success, unlike many other input supply business models.

To further enhance the success of this unique model, CNFA in 2019 launched a new “Last Mile Retailer” assessment tool designed to measure the professionalism of agro-input retailers like FSCs. The tool was created in collaboration with SCOPEinsight, the International Finance Corporation, Bayer and Syngenta. More information on the Last Mile Retailer tool can be found here.