Through its three strategic objectives, the Amalima program’s goal is to sustainably improve household nutrition and food security through increased resilience and growth.

The project leverages community-led and market-led approaches to increase and diversify the incomes of vulnerable households by improving agricultural productivity, strengthening disaster risk reduction systems, and improving linkages to markets and financial services. The project also improves feeding and care practices for new mothers and children under the age of two, improves the dietary diversity and quality of foods consumed by the entire household, and supports the integration of nutrition into health care service delivery.

Improved Household Access to and Availability of Food

Strategic Objective 1

Amalima has invested in the construction and rehabilitation of dams across its four districts and promoted the management and maintenance of these and similar water sources for agriculture and productive use. Amalima has organized and supported the promotion of input fairs to facilitate relationships between agro-dealers, input suppliers, and farming individuals and businesses, to increase agriculture (including livestock and dairy) production. Support from agro-dealers and input suppliers has also been facilitated through Amalima’s Household Asset Voucher (HHAV) program, which provides farmers access to a variety of agriculture inputs (stock feed, equipment, seed, etc.) at both subsidized and full prices. Trainings on conservation farming has encouraged a shift from traditional maize to more drought-tolerant varieties and nutritious crops, and irrigated crop production., and strengthen DRR systems.

Improved Community Resilience to Shocks

Strategic Objective 2

Amalima has invested in past and new infrastructural assets to improve water management and soil fertility through conservation agriculture and grazing land rehabilitation, and strengthened Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) systems. Amalima has promoted the Village Savings and Lending (VS&L) approach through trainings and encouraged communities to use funds to build safety nets and invest in entrepreneurial activities.

Improved Nutrition and Health Among Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW); and Boys and Girls Under 2

Strategic Objective 3

Amalima has promoted dietary diversity and quality of foods consumed by the entire household through the training of communities on the Healthy Harvest Approach and the development of a recipe book using healthy and local ingredients. Amalima has improved the health and nutrition of pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and children under two, with rations comprised of Corn Soya blend plus and vegetable oil on a periodic basis throughout its implementation. Amalima has also supported the integration of nutrition into health care service delivery, and improve feeding and care practices for over 37,400 households through care groups, community health clubs, health and nutrition integration meetings, and trainings on participatory health and hygiene.