This section is a compilation of Amalima’s achievements, impact, and results over the seven years of implementation, represented through Success Stories, Baseline vs. End Line results, Agriculture Outcome Survey results, program results disaggregated by fiscal year, district, and region, and infographics.

Success Stories from FY13-FY20

Amalima has produced success stories over seven years of implementation, capturing achievements and beneficiaries’ stories.

Outcome surveys

Every year the Amalima project conducts an annual beneficiary-based survey whose objectives are to estimate the current values of key agriculture outcome level indicators, and inform the annual review of the program’s agricultural indicator targets for the remaining program period. The surveys cover all four Amalima districts of Tsholotsho, Gwanda, Mangwe, and Bulilima.

Indicator Results per FY

Amalima has prepared one to two pager documents highlighting the achieved program results per fiscal year (FY13-20), per district (Tsholotsho, Bulilima, Mangwe, Gwanda), and per region (Matabeleland North and South).

Baseline/End line results


Results Framework

In FY19, USAID led an external end line evaluation of the Amalima program to determine across a series of indicators (Food security, WASH, Agriculture, Women and children’s health and nutrition, and poverty), the impact the program had on “moving the needle” on development gaps identified at the onset of the program.