Sep 16, 2013

CNFA Farmer-to-Farmer Sponsored Participants Attend NANE NANE Agricultural Exhibition

At the Nane Nane exhibition farmers were able to meet with domestic and international agricultural actors including agro chemical companies, processing companies, agric input suppliers, research institutions, and progressive farmers. Most importantly, however, participants were able to spend time together as small-scale farmers to discuss their successes and challenges, as well as share their personal experiences in the field.

The Nane Nane exhibition was an eye opener to most of the participants. One farmer commented: “I am glad to have received this opportunity to visit these exhibitions. I have learned a lot and gotten answers to many of my challenges. I am confident that I am going to make a difference. Thanks CNFA for organizing this event”.

26 host representatives and CNFA staff participated in the exhibition this year, 15 men and 11 women.