CNFA is proud to be part of the Smallholders’ Access to Fertilizers campaign and advocate for good policies that can change the livelihoods, nutritional status and incomes for family farmers in Africa. Ahead of the 23rd session of the Assembly of the African Union, CNFA joined seven organizations involved in agricultural development in Africa by sending a letter to the African Heads of State requesting support of the Abuja Declaration of 2006.  The Abuja Declaration of 2006 recognizes the strategic importance of fertilizer in improving food security in Africa and resolved to raise fertilizer use to 50 k/ha by 2015.  Despite the commitment by African Heads of State to sharply increase fertilizer use, application rates are still too low.   The current average rate is close to 10 kg per hectare while the global average is over 100 kg per hectare.  The impact of fertilizers is immediate and can drastically change the productivity of African farmers.  Throughout the year, this campaign will position fertilizers as a key component of the solution to eradicating hunger and malnutrition.