The Farmer-to-Farmer Ambassador Program leverages the expertise of CNFA’s seasoned Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) volunteers to network, engage, and encourage individuals and organizations in their communities to join the F2F program. Ambassadors participate in local outreach efforts through workshops and presentations to media and organizations, connecting and speaking with potential first-time volunteers. Ambassadors’ in-depth experience with the F2F program make them ideal messengers to share their perspectives, describe the details of the F2F program, and encourage and support prospective volunteers to apply for their first assignments.

Ambassadors are selected for a one-year term, with the possibility of extension each year. As the F2F Ambassador Program expands, additional Ambassadors will be chosen, and diverse backgrounds, regions, and disciplines will be prioritized.

The pilot is launched with six Ambassadors who have collectively volunteered for 119 assignments in 2,261 volunteer days over 25 years. They offer many years of experience and encompass the diversity of F2F volunteers with regard to demographics, profession, state of residence, and length of F2F volunteer service.