Program Description

The Resilience and Economic Growth in the Sahel – Accelerated Growth (REGIS-AG) program strengthens cowpea, small ruminant and poultry value chains in agro-pastoralist and marginal agricultural zones of Niger and Burkina Faso. By transforming value chain relationships and dynamics to increase their inclusiveness as well as their competitiveness, REGIS-AG is increasing the incomes of vulnerable households and building the resilience of families and communities to shocks such as drought, conflict and economic crises. The CNFA team is implementing innovative “pull” strategies linking smallholders to cash markets, in close cooperation with REGIS-Enhanced Resilience (REGIS-ER) production-level “push” strategies to propel vulnerable households from subsistence to food security and surplus.

Assignment Objectives

CNFA sees M&E as an area requiring significant support and technical expertise over the life of project due to the poor capacity of local staff, and the ongoing need to have clear leadership over this component to ensure the project is employing data quality and monitoring is strong. CNFA also envisions this role to be a strong liaison between REGIS-AG and SAREL. By having a strong point of contact to lead REGIS-AG’s M&E and participate more fully in SAREL activities, we believe that we will be better able to capture learning, document successes, and promote further linkages between the projects and with the community. Given the emphasis on learning for the RISE initiative, REGIS-AG believes that bringing in an expert will elevate the learning agenda greatly so that the market-oriented, trade focused- activities and their collaboration with the ‘push’ partners will be better captured than it has been to date. CNFA believes that the investment is important to ensure that the M&E system for REGIS-AG is strong and that learning on the projects activities and with other partners is captured for USAID and its resilience project community. To support the REGIS-AG project during this exercise and provide technical expertise to the project, a consultant will be recruited and mobilized to Niger and/or Burkina Faso.

Specific Tasks

CNFA proposes fielding an expatriate Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor for Short Term Technical Assistance assignments in order to improve REGIS-AG M&E systems. Specific tasks include:

1-            In close coordination with the REGIS-AG Chief of Party and staff, ensure that any recommendations/findings of the mid-term evaluation, as well as the Contractor’s Performance Reporting System of 2018 are addressed and implemented.

2-            Appuyer l’équipe de suivi-évaluation à la construction de la nouvelle base de données de suivi-évaluation

3-            Appuyer l’équipe du projet à la révsion de la méthodologie et à l’organisation de l’enquête annuelle

4-            Appuyer l’équipe du projet à l’élaboration des rapports trimestriels et annuel d’activités

5-            Former l’équipe de suivi-évaluation   sur tout outil utile à  son efficacité dans le suivi, l’évaluation et l’apprentissage

6-            Follow up with REGIS-AG senior leadership and the M&E staff on the implementation of the recommendations of the previous assignment

7-            Advise and present to REGIS-AG leadership team and M&E staff on recommended improvements and follow up activities if needed.

8-            Conduct field trips to Niger and Burkina Faso.

This position would start in April 2018. The LOE will be up to 100 days. It may be extended further depending on the need.

Key Outcomes/Deliverables

Write trip reports detailing every trip, lessons learned from the trainings, recommendations to REGIS-AG on next steps.


  • Have a university degree with at least a Bachelor’s Degree;
  • Minimum 15 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation, preferably on food security projects;
  •   Professional experience in the evaluation of development projects funded by USAID and other development partners;
  • Professional experience in the agricultural sector;
  • Experience in West Africa, particularly in the Sahel region;
  • Excellent communication and supervision teams.
  • Proficiency in English is required; the mastery of French is an asset.
  • Database management experience
  • Experience on USAID/Feed the Future Projects
  • Proficiency in Excel, Statistics software (SPSS), and data management tools such as ACCESS