The USAID Restoring Efficiency to Agriculture Production (REAP) implemented by CNFA is an integrated enterprise development program designed to identify promising entrepreneurs, promote increased investment and support that investment with improved business and technical skills through its technical assistance program. For non-grant beneficiaries, REAP operates a 50% cost-share program. The companies apply for this program and REAP identifies the assistance for the agribusinesses that have a real growth potential, promote new technologies, and contribute to the creation of jobs.


One of the agribusinesses competitively selected by REAP for the 50% cost-share program is SP Irakli Arjevanidze who owns 2.5 ha of land in village Shilda, Kakheti region, where 400 almond trees of Italian Variety Super Nova are planted. The firm promotes development of Almond orchards in the region. Based on preliminary discussions and negotiations with the farmers, it is expected that total area of almond orchards in the region will be expanded by 30-50 hectares within the period of one year. The firm itself plans to plant 600 more trees by the fall season of 2018. The firm intends to arrange a modern almond production facility to process almonds consolidated from its own and neighboring orchards, thereby generating income for smallholder farmers. The firm has some experience in primary production, however, needs to strengthen overall knowledge of its designated staff in modern agricultural practices, as well as post-harvest handling and processing technologies. To this end, REAP plans to identify an international consultant that will provide SP Irakli Arjevanidze with tailored assistance in primary production and processing technologies.



The purpose of this assignment is to build capacity of the applicant firm as a whole in almond production technologies and practices to enable the agribusiness grow sustainably and disseminate sector-specific knowledge in the region. The assignment will be implemented through REAP’s cost-shared TA program.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Under this scope of work, the Specialist shall work closely with REAP and SP Irakli Arjevanidze to perform the following tasks: 

·         Advise SP Irakli Arjevanidze on almond production practices and processing technologies covering but not limited to the following topics:

1.       Almond orchard development practices (planting, crown formation, pruning, plant protection measures, etc.);

2.       Harvesting and post-harvest handling best practices;

3.       Almond processing technologies (shell cracking, drying, grading, storing, oil and milk refining technologies).

·         Raise awareness of local farmers on almond production agricultural practices through a half-day training sessions to be organized at applicant firm’s premises;

·         Develop brief review of almond sector, highlighting current market trends;

·         Develop Final Report including expert’s findings and recommendations to introduce modern technologies and practices;

Period of Performance:  

This assignment is planned to take place between 11/30/2016 and 03/30/2017. The consultant will provide online consultations during the whole period of performance and conduct at least 2 visits to Georgia, with the maximum of 1 week in the field per visit. Total LOE for this assignment is not to exceed 21 days.


  • Half-day training for local farmers and follow-up consultations as needed;
  • A written handout on best practices in almond production applicable to Georgia.
  • Final Report highlighting recommendations on: a) potential improvements to be made to increase the efficiency of the existing and planned almond orchards; b) almond processing technologies
  • Brief review of almond sector, highlighting current market trends

Required Qualifications:

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field;
  • Proven experience in delivering similar consultancies and trainings in the required field; and
  • Strong communication skills.

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.