The USAID-support Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program combines volunteer consultancies with highly skilled local staff to deliver technical assistance and business development services to farmer organizations, and agricultural MSMEs. Our volunteer consultants are U.S. citizens (or permanent U.S. residents) and comprise of farmers, agribusiness professionals, cooperative managers, bankers, agricultural educators, and others with expertise in agriculture.

The primary goal of the F2F program is to generate rapid, sustainable, broad-based economic growth in the agricultural sector; the secondary goals is to increase the American public’s understanding of international development issues and programs as well as international understanding of the US and US development programs. 

CNFA is the implementer of F2F for southern Africa for the FY14 – FY18 period; countries of implementation are Malawi, Mozambique, and Angola.

This project is currently closing out and program results will need to be accurately documented.

The CNFA Communications Consultant will work with the F2F team and their field staff coordinators to: 

Specific Tasks:

  • Visit and photographically document 3-4 of the associations, cooperatives, and individuals F2F has worked with over the past five years in Mozambique and Malawi. This will require in-country travel and driving long distances on underdeveloped roads.
  • Provide CNFA with digital copies of all relevant photographs taken during assignment.

Estimated Period of Performance: 10 Working days in Mozambique and Malawi in August 2018

Place of Performance: Washington, D.C., Malawi and Mozambique