Team: CNFA Europe | Commitment: Consulting | Location: Zimbabwe

Consultancy for Value Chain Financial Inclusion & Program Coordination Specialist

Project Background:

The Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Programme (ZAGP): Inclusive Poultry Value Chain (IPVC) activity is a 3-year project implemented by a consortium led by the Cooperation for the Development in Emerging Countries (COSPE). Consortium partners include CNFA, Livestock and Meat Advisory Council (LMAC), Welthungerhilfe (WHH), and Sustainable Agriculture Technology (SAT). The overall objective of the intervention is to promote an efficient poultry value chain that contributes to inclusive green economic growth in Zimbabwe. The intervention will support activities to improve economic, social and environmental performance and the enabling environment for sustainable and inclusive poultry value chains. The activity will work with small scale and medium producers of broilers and table eggs, retailers, financing institutions, private sector integrators, and public and civil society bodies to:

1.       Improve profitability (net profit) of small and medium producers (SMP);

2.       Increase the adaption of Decent Rural Employment (DRE) enhancing practices;

3.       Increase the adoption of quality management system for improved biosecurity and natural resource management;

4.       Develop replicable models to lower feed production/distribution costs for SMP;

5.       Provide business development services to SMP for inclusive VC development; and

6.       Collaborate with relevant government ministries for improved, responsive and efficient sub-sector specific regulatory, agricultural and livestock policies.


Though the broiler value chain is one of the fastest growing sectors in Zimbabwe, macroeconomic decline and poultry influenza outbreaks have substantially affected the productivity of small and medium-scale producers. Economic growth is deterred due to sub-optimal productivity, poor linkages in the value chain, high transactional costs and insecure markets. Though poultry outgrower schemes to sell to larger firms could reduce the risks of overreliance of insecure markets, small and medium scale producers still bear considerable risks and costs due to insufficient knowledge of best practices, high production costs, compliance fees, and highly price sensitive markets. For the table egg value chain, SMPs have neither the financial means or economies of scale to make this a viable income generating activity. Given their lack of capital, they must often rely on raising day old chicks to maturity, which is regarded as a high risk of failure activity due to disease.

In general, access to capital is a severe constraint to economic growth, which could help reduce these risks. Due to inherent risks in poultry value chains, the formal financial sector considers small and medium scale producers risky. Because of this, SMPs are in general constrained from expanding and improving their operations. Inquiries from the financial sector identified the following barriers:

·         For broiler SMPs, the barriers include the lack of market stability with no guaranteed offtake markets, high risks of losses, and risks associated with managing live birds while waiting for sales opportunities.

·         For table egg SMPs: the barriers include high costs to purchase point-of-lay hens and the high risks to bring day old chicks to age.

Large scale producers managed to avoid much of the impact of the macroeconomic decline and outbreak of poultry influenza. For SMPs, one major constraint to growth is the lack of access to finance; the project will facilitate the provision of business development services for SMPs to increase access to finance. Business development services will improve SMP productivity, develop bankable business models, and enable the adoption of innovative practices, all of which will increase access to finance.

Assignment Objective:

This position will represent CNFA to oversee and coordinate project value chain financing activities in collaboration with the IPVC project partner staff and specialized CNFA value-chain finance consultants. IPVC value chain financing activities will increase the capacity of SMP’s to successfully pursue viable financing options and increase the capacity of financial institutions and investors to provide tailored and appropriate financing packages to SMPs. The project aims to increase investment and lending services for poultry value chain actors, and more specifically to improve SMP linkages to the formal market, help reduce production risks and costs, and address specific bottlenecks and challenges to ensure increased access to financing and enhance sector growth. In addition, the position will represent CNFA within Zimbabwe as the local IPVC program coordinator, ensuring strategic communications between CNFA’s Washington D.C. Headquarters and CNFA IPVC consultants and other IPVC partners working on the ground in Zimbabwe.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

The expert will lead ZAGP: Inclusive Poultry Value Chain activity efforts to increase the capacity of SMP’s to successfully pursue viable financing options and increase the capacity of financial institutions and investors to provide tailored financing packages to SMPs. He/she will ensure all value chain financing activities efforts align with broader project objectives.

Specifically, the expert will:

·         Conduct background research on existing poultry value chain financing, and replicable global best practices

·         Support business development services for SMPs

o   Provide finance-related technical inputs to develop IPVC-facilitated business development services to SMPs

o   Build value chain actor capacity to develop/submit business financing plans to bank/MFIs

o   Review value chain integrator applications and TORs as needed under IPVC value chain integrator activity and ensure financing is properly integrated into each TOR

o   Facilitate linkages for interested poultry value chain-related businesses to access financial service providers

·         Oversee and lead development of the capacities of financial institutions to support the poultry value chain

o   Develop banks/MFIs capacity to assess the financial viability of poultry VC actors’ business plans

o   Work with interested and engaged financial institutions to define viability measures aligned with current and potential financial products relevant to the poultry sector

o   Lead and oversee efforts by IPVC value chain financing expert(s) to build local capacities in models for de-risking the poultry value chain in Zimbabwe

o   Lead and oversee efforts by value chain financing expert(s) to develop curricula for and train financial institutions in developing sustainable poultry VC financing products and models that leverage existing support to lending capital and guarantees

·         Oversee and lead development of bankable investment plan for innovative solutions in the poultry VC

o   Lead collaborative efforts with banks and MFIs servicing the poultry VC to assess the viability of proposed and/or piloted technologies for enhancing productivity and developing viable and accessible financial products for servicing value chain growth

o   Lead and oversee other value chain financing expert(s) to develop bankable business models for innovative, technology-based solutions for QMS and green technology to stimulate green economic growth in the poultry value chain

·         Identify opportunities for collaboration and facilitate direct relationships between financial service providers and private sector business growth and innovation models

·         In collaboration with the IPVC consortium partners, the expert will support additional technical assistance needs as identified to develop supply and demand for IPVC activity-led financial products.

·         Contribute to CNFA HQ-led hiring process for value chain finance short term technical assistance

o   Develop Scopes of Work for all aforementioned CNFA activities requiring the recruitment of specialized value chain finance experts

o   Participate in candidate interviews

·         As necessary, review reports, tools, and other deliverables from CNFA value chain finance consultants

·         Attend IPVC steering committee meetings and other regular and ad hoc IPVC meetings in Zimbabwe

·         Communicate with CNFA HQ Washington D.C.-based management team through both regular, standing remote meetings and ad hoc communications as needed


·         Prepare recommendations based on preliminary desktop research of poultry value chain financing in Zimbabwe and value chain financing action plan based on recommendations and IPVC value chain analysis

·         Develop training plan and curricula for technical capacity strengthening for selected banks/MFIs related to poultry value chains

·         Contribute to development and design of financial products, with input from relative team members

·         Provide technical inputs to scoping study of innovations in poultry value chain

·         Identify and meet with relative government, private sector, civil society and financial institution stakeholders to establish and maintain productive partnerships to support IPVC value chain financing activities

·         Provide technical inputs for TORs for private sector business development support agreements

·         Develop bankable investment plan(s) for innovative solutions to poultry value chain

·         Other deliverables as necessary, to be determined by CNFA in conjunction with lead implementer, COSPE, and other IPVC partners

Resources for Assignment

For this assignment, IPVC project lead implementing partner COSPE will provide the following;

·         Permanent desk space in Harare, Zimbabwe and temporary desk space in IPVC satellite offices

·         Facilitation of logistics for travel including lodging and transportation

·         Office materials and supplies to support duties, responsibilities, and deliverables

For this assignment, CNFA will provide the following;

·         Per diem for travel outside of IPVC home office in Harare, Zimbabwe

·         Reimbursement for any assignment-related travel costs

·         Reimbursement for any assignment-related transportation costs

·         Mobile phone credit for project-related communications with staff throughout zone of implementation

For this assignment, the expert will need to provide the following;

·         Working computer with MS Word and Excel (preferably a licensed version)

·         Mobile phone for regular communications with staff throughout zone of implementation

Timing, Location and Level of Effort

This assignment is expected to be carried out over a 12-month period beginning in June 2019, with an option for additional months based on the budget and need for additional support. The assignment will be a full-time, 100% level-of-effort position for the contracted period. Deliverables dates will be agreed upon with the selected candidate and IPVC consortium as part of the regular activity planning process. The consultancy will be based in the ZAGP: Inclusive Poultry Value Chain activity office in Harare. 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in development economics, business, finance, or a related field preferred
  • At least eight (8) years of relevant experience in designing and implementing value chain financing products and models and financial inclusion strategies and developing livestock and/or high-risk value chain lending financial products
  • Demonstrated work experience in poultry and/or livestock value chain preferred
  • Strong network in banking and financial institution sector in Zimbabwe preferred
  • Experience collaborating with teams within project consortia and managing team of technical experts
  • Experience providing training and hands-on capacity building support to financial institutions to improve their support to value chain actors
  • Experience providing training and hands-on capacity building support to businesses to develop/submit business financing plans to bank/MFIs
  • High level of proficiency in financial analysis, developing business plans, and loan portfolio management
  • Knowledge of ethical financing and micro-credit
  • Demonstrated ability to interact and communicate with wide range of stakeholders both verbally and in writing
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate, willingness to innovate and ability to think systematically
  • English proficiency and excellent written communications skills

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or protected veteran status. CNFA takes affirmative action in support of its policy to advance in employment individuals who are minorities, women, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities.