Team: Programs | Commitment: Consultant | Location: Republic of Georgia

Consultant in Table Grape Production and Postharvest Handling Technologies



USAID/Georgia’s Restoring Efficiency to Agriculture Production (REAP) is a five year, $19.5 million program that is designed to increase income and employment in rural areas by delivering firm-level investment and technical assistance to expand the operation of existing smallholder farmers and rural enterprises. Utilizing a $6 million matching grant fund, REAP invested in 70 agribusinesses to launch new successful companies, upgrade their equipment, and improve their operational efficiencies which will enable the companies to increase their purchases of raw material and provide additional services to smallholders.


Among REAP’s 70 supported agribusinesses is Vinifera Ltd, a Mtskheta-based modernly equipped cold storage operator that plans to start operations in early October, 2016.  With REAP’s assistance, Vinifera purchased the modern cooling and grading equipment that enables the company to significantly increase the purchase of grapes from smallholder farmers. In addition, Vinifera ltd is one of the largest table grape producer in Georgia that owns a 6-ha vineyard that produces such varieties of table grapes as Red Globe, Michel Palieri, Cardinal, Alfonso Lavalle, Muscat Hamburg, Crimson Seedless, Italia, and Victoria. Once operational, REAP plans to assist Vinifera ltd to strengthen knowledge and skills in the modern table grape production and post-harvest handling practices with a consideration that the table grape is commodity in Georgia that has a high potential both for import substitution and export.




The purpose of this assignment is to engage an international expert to provide on-site consultancy and recommendations to Vinifera Ltd in modern table grape production and post-harvest handling technologies   Through improving the production and cold storage operations, Vinifera will be able to provide a stable supply of high quality table grapes to the local market as well as start export operations. 


  • Table grape production and harvesting practices
  • Table grape postharvest handling processing technologies, including grading and storage


  • Deliver a tailored consultancy to REAP’s grantee Vinifera as outlined above; and,
  • Provide a final report, including findings and recommendations to Vinifera Ltd and REAP.


  • This assignment is planned to take place between 10/10/2016 and 10/20/2016.
  • Total LOE for this assignment will be 10 days.

We are seeking to fill this position immediately and will be interviewing qualified candidates on a rolling basis.