Team: Farmer-to-Farmer | Commitment: Volunteer | Location: Malawi

General Factory Management – General Application

General Factory Management

Farmer-to-Farmer is a USAID-funded initiative to send American agricultural/agribusiness experts to developing countries to offer technical assistance to our host organizations. These trips are volunteer-based, but all trip-related expenses are covered by CNFA, and typically last between two and three weeks.

Issue Description:

Phalombe Association is a farmers’ association which grows different crops such as sunflower, soybeans, chilies and pigeon peas. Established in 2008 by National Smallholder Farmer’s Association (NASFAM), Phalombe association has 2000 registered members, including 1200 females and 800 males. In 2014, Phalombe Association received a grant from Farm Income Diversification Program (FIDP) through Malawi Enterprise Productivity Enhancement (MEPE) to build a sunflower processing factory. The group plans to produce sunflower cooking oil which will be sold on the local markets and shops.


Phalombe Association requests a F2F volunteer to train them on basic factory management skills, how to develop an efficient record keeping system and production planning. Through the volunteer assistance, the association hopes to create a competent team that will lead to the success of their business.  

Desired Impacts:

·         Acquire improved capacity to run their factory effectively and improve operational efficiency

·         Develop efficient record keeping system

Desired qualifications:

·         Experienced in factory management

·         Knowledge of cooking oil processing skills is highly preferred

·         Willingness to work for a week or more in a rural Malawian town

·         Must be citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.