Team: New Business | Commitment: Consultant | Location: Rwanda

Local Consultant (Facilitator) – Rwanda Nguriza Nshore

Project Summary:

The Rwanda Nguriza Nshore activity seeks to facilitate the emergence of a dynamic off-farm sector that can generate more and higher wage employment for the broad majority of Rwandans who are currently engaged in subsistence agriculture and other marginal economic activities. The activity’s goal is to encourage the creation and growth of productive off-farm businesses that can generate productive off-farm employment for rural populations in order to reduce poverty. It will achieve this by alleviating constraints to entrepreneurship, in particular but not exclusively, constraints to finance.

Position Description:

The Local Facilitator will support field research for ongoing capture efforts and technical design on the Rwanda Nguriza Nshore project. He/she will set up meetings with local organizations/partners/agencies/experts according to project needs (including translation if necessary), identify and recommend candidates for proposed positions, and provide logistical support as needed to the CNFA proposal team. 

Preferred Experience:

  • Significant experience managing logistics and administrative tasks and facilitating business relationships in Rwanda
  • Familiarity with the investment and political climate in Rwanda;
  • Strong research experience and demonstrated ability to capture and articulate in writing salient points from business meetings.