Team: Farmer-to-Farmer | Commitment: Volunteer | Location: Malawi

Pigeon Pea Farming Assignment

Farmer-to-Farmer is a USAID-funded initiative, which sends American agricultural/agribusiness experts to developing countries to offer technical assistance to our host organizations. These trips are volunteer-based, but all trip-related expenses are covered by CNFA, and typically last between two and three weeks.

Issue Description

Founded in 2005, Kaombe Club is a compilation of six farmer groups that sell legumes commercially.  The group has a total of 90 members who grow different crops, including, pigeon peas, soybeans, and cassava. While the members have been growing pigeon peas primarily for home consumption, the rising demand of legumes in Malawi has encouraged the members to grow pigeon pea for commercial purposes. The market demand for pigeon peas, coupled with the groups’ access to new varieties of pigeon peas and the need to address the effects of climate change has led members of the Kaombe Club to request formal training on pigeon pea farming. 

Kaombe Club is seeking assistance from a F2F volunteer to train them on best production practices, from land preparation to harvesting. 

Desired Impact

  • Ability to grow Pigeon peas in a commercially viable and efficient way
  • Increased total commodity production of Pigeon peas

Desired Qualifications of Volunteer

  • Experience with pigeon pea production, preferably in tropical areas or in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Knowledge of innovative and easily transferrable pigeon pea farming methods
  • Patience and positive attitude when working with local Malawian farmers
  • Experience working cross culturally in developing countries
  • Willingness to work for a week or more in a rural Malawian town.
  • Must be citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.