Team: Programs | Commitment: Consultant | Location: Pakistan

STTA: Agribusiness Organizational Development Specialist

Project Name: CNFA-PATTA/ Project AID-391-C-17- 00004

Consultancy Assignment: Organizational Development evaluation of technology supply chain agribusinesses

Consultant Title: Agribusiness Organizational Development Specialist

Reports to: Chief of Party and Business Development Director  

Place of Performance: Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and other travel to identified agri-technology clusters in PATTA project designated area 

LOE: 24 days, including 3 international travel days

PATTA Background: Outdated and ineffective agricultural technologies are among the leading causes for Pakistan’s agricultural productivity falling short of its potential. Scaling up the production, distribution, and adoption of agricultural technologies in Pakistan is made challenging by lack of information, difficulty in accessing credit, a wide dispersion of smallholders, and diverse of challenges facing marginalized subsets of smallholder farmers – such as women.  

PATTA Description: PATTA will bring to scale private sector solutions to improve agricultural productivity in Pakistan through a four-year activity. PATTA will partner with agricultural technology companies to commercialize products and services with the potential to increase the productivity and competitiveness of smallholder farmers while mobilizing private sector investment in agricultural technology. PATTA’s partnership will provide smallholder farmers with boarder access to affordable technologies to increase productivity, build resilience to climate change and reduce postharvest losses. In so doing, PATTA expects to achieve the following results:

• Increase smallholder farmer access to affordable, appropriate and effective agricultural technologies;

• Enable agricultural technology-related businesses to expand and adapt their products and services to meet smallholders needs; 

• Scale up the adoption and use of agricultural technologies.

STTA Background: 

Pakistan’s agribusiness sector is experiencing a transformation from subsistence to commercial and market oriented sector because of rising consumer demand. However, the farm machinery industry and related service providers are lagging far behind . Pakistan’s farm machinery industry supplies and produces a wide range of farm implements and machinery for various agricultural, horticultural and livestock related operations. Some of these includes tractors, ploughs, disc harrows, laser levelers, seeders planters, seeding drills, rotary tillers, harvesting implements and threshing machinery. 

The farm machinery and services industry can be broadly categorized in to Small and large-scale industries. Small enterprises dominate the farm machinery manufacturing sector. These enterprises operate in the form of small workshops and use locally produced conventional machinery in their operations. Large scale industry requires heavy investment, advanced technology and modern management and marketing skills. The industry is mainly located at Lahore, Mian Channu (Khanewal), Daska, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan and Rahim Yar Khan, with some tiny pockets in KP and Sindh.

This industry mainly serves the need of local market and is facing issues which hamper its growth. Some of these include lack of business planning and targeted marketing, adhoc production, unawareness about modern manufacturing practices and performance standards of equipment produced, use of old and obsolete technology for production and management, lack of standardization and quality control, untrained low skilled labor force and low-quality output compared with imported machinery.

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