Team: Programs | Commitment: Consulting | Location: Rwanda

STTA: conducting an investigation on performance of the installed irrigation system at Kamabuye, Bugesera District

About Hinga Weze


Hinga Weze is a five- year activity of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by CNFA. The primary objective of Hinga Weze is to sustainably increase smallholder farmers’ income, improve the nutritional status of Rwandan women and children, and increase the resilience of the agriculture and food systems to the changing climate. The program is comprised of the following three interrelated components:

Component 1: Increasing agricultural productivity

Component 2: Increasing farmers’ access to markets

Component 3: Improving nutritional outcome of agriculture interventions



In 2009, the Government of Rwanda through Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources and Luxembourg Development (Lux-Dev) Cooperation jointly installed different irrigation systems at locations throughout Bugesera District, Rwanda. A total of 240 ha of hillside irrigation schemes were completed around the lakes of Rilima, Gashora and Cyohoha, including one site at Kamabuye where infrastructure was installed but remains unutilized to date. The farmers requested assistance to rehabilitate the project with a focus on reducing energy costs, which are currently extremely high due to high costs of diesel fuel to operate the installed pumps. The total cost of fuel to fill the installed 6 reservoirs is approximately 80,000 RWF over the course of two days;.


These projects are facing serious operational and maintenance challenges resulting in a non-functional system. During a meeting between Hinga Weze, RAB, local authorities, and farmers, stakeholders identified an opportunity to upgrade the installed system by connecting solar panels  and solar powered pumps, thus potentially making the system operational. However, RAB tried to rehabilitate the site by installing 6 dam sheets of around 1,960 m3 (4 of 250 m3 and 2 of 480 m3) but still the farmers are not able to buy the required fuel to irrigate their crops.


Consultant Scope of Work – Investigation of the installed system

Hinga Weze is ready to install the solar system with solar pumps to resolve the fuel cost which has resulted in the failure of the existing irrigation system; however, before Hinga Weze can install this system, project staff need to know the status of the existing infrastructures and their current performance.


Therefore, Hinga Weze is recruiting an expert in irrigation for approximately 10 days of LOE to conduct a full assessment, including a field visit and testing and reporting of the current irrigation system. The consultant will test all existing systems and will provide a thorough report of any remaining issues, next steps, and potential costs. 

Tasks will include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting field visits to projects in order to test the irrigation infrastructure
  • Establishing project boundaries to be irrigated by the existing infrastructures which using Garmin GPS equipment
  • Investigating the performance of  existing infrastructures
  • Reviewing the installed irrigation system, including review the design for the projects
  • Conducting an assessment of the irrigation network
  • Analyzing the status of existing installed irrigation pipe lines
  • Analyzing the capacity of the existing dam sheet
  • Measuring the outflow (discharge and pressure) of all existing hydrants 
  • Making necessary observations/recommendations on soil erosion and its impact to the installed irrigation system
  • Assessing the pump and engine supplied by RAB and its related fuel consumption per ha/ per day or per hour
  • Tracing the delivery network installed underground using the above ground observable structures, like the valve boxes and hydrants

Key qualifications

  • A BSc graduate in Irrigation Engineering (or equivalent), having no less than ten years’ experience in the field of irrigation, out of which minimum of five years shall be in irrigation design and investigation.
  • The consultant must have proven track record in small scale irrigation projects
  • The consultant must have proven track record of successful organization of small-scale irrigation farmers
  • Fluency in English, both in technical report writing and speaking is a requirement.

Reporting and payment

  • The consultant will report in 10 days from the starting date.
  • The client will pay the consultant a negotiated daily basis contract amount.

How to Apply

All interested and qualified candidates are invited to send their applications with a cover letter, detailed CV, names of three references, and a copy of all degrees and certificates, and send in PDF or Word format to with subject: APPLICATION FOR IRRIGATION STTA, no later than 3:00 PM, Kigali City time, on April 17th, 2019. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.