Team: Programs | Commitment: Consultant | Location: Azerbaijan

STTA: Evaluating Opportunities for Improvement of Tissue Culture Production Business, Including Formulation of Various Indoor Media from Raw Chemicals for Micropropagation Production



Initiated in 2014, the USAID Agricultural Support to Azerbaijan Project (ASAP) is a five-year, $11.5 million project implemented by CNFA that aims to increase incomes and employment in rural areas. ASAP delivers firm-level investment and technical assistance to agribusiness enterprises that wish to engage with commercial markets as private businesses.

This assignment will focus on hazelnut and fruit value chains, with a particular emphasis on the following fruits: Pomegranate (Wonderful variety); Date palm (Medjool variety); Pistachio (UCB1 variety); Spanish persimmons. The consultant will support capacity building of one or more existing operations and help prepare for the establishment of one or more new operations in Azerbaijan through providing technical assistance on tissue culture propagation. Such laboratories and micropropagation operations will allow Azerbaijan to increase the supply of disease-free planting varieties while reducing its dependency on imports.  


  • Evaluate the areas of operating facilities for areas of possible improvement;
  • Meet with the key personnel to discuss additional needs in their technical capacity to assist in the planning, construction and operation of existing tissue culture laboratories and/or those under construction;
  • Train interested operations in the manufacture of their own indoor production media; and
  • Facilitate improved production autonomy and a reduction in costs due to having the ability to produce this indoor production media.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate the existing operational procedures and/or project proposal for technical quality;
  • Meet with the existing or proposed key personnel and evaluate their technical capacity to assist in the planning, construction and/or operation of each relevant tissue culture laboratory;
  • Travel to the various existing or proposed facilities to evaluate the suitability of those facilities for possible or current use as a tissue culture lab, as well as the quality of technical work that is being conducted there; and
  • Submit a final report to ASAP regarding the findings of the consultant, including recommendations for improving the capacity of the candidate companies’ plans and their respective teams’ capacity to manage operations.

Period of Performance:

This assignment is proposed to take place over a 10-day period during the January-February time frame, with 7-8 days of direct work at/with the beneficiary in vitro laboratories’ management and staff.

Mandatory and Desired Qualifications:

The Consultant must be an experienced Post-Doctoral level research scientist with extensive experience in the operation and management of micropropagation (tissue culture) laboratories. The focus of the experience should be in the propagation of woody fruit and nut trees. Experience with hazelnut and pome species is preferred.


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