Team: CNFA Europe | Commitment: Career | Location: Uganda

Team Leader – Chief Technical Advisor

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows: to contribute to a competitive, profitable, job-intensive, gender-responsive and environmentally-sustainable agricultural sector in Uganda, in order to alleviate poverty and improve food and nutrition security.

The specific objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows: to use a holistic value chain approach in the targeted geographical areas, to leverage an increase in the overall performance (in terms of production volume, quality, value addition, increased employment and environmental sustainability) of the Ugandan meat value-chain.

Position Description:

The CTA leads the TAT and PMU, and is the overall responsible expert for the execution of the service contract. (S)he will assist the National Programme Coordinator in the strategic planning and execution of the programme, the assessment of the effectiveness, impact and relevance of programme activities, the preparation and quality control of technical and financial progress reports, and in overall management of the PMU. The CTA will assist the Accounting Officer on the project’s strict adherence to EU rules and regulations during implementation.  (S)he will maintain linkages with the EU Delegation, other EU-financed programmes, and other development actors, in order to align strategies and maximise synergies.

Qualification and skills

  • A University degree in agricultural/veterinary services/livestock management or a relevant, directly related technical field, or equivalent.
  • Good team management, interpersonal, facilitation and networking skills
  • Good communication skills in written and spoken English and proven ability to draft high quality reports and communication notes.
  • Fully computer literate. 

General professional experience

  • This is a senior position and the candidate is expected to have at least 15 years’ experience in development project implementation of which at least 8 in a senior management position, leading teams of at least 25 persons.

Specific professional experience

  • Knowledge of EDF procedures, project cycle management and contract management.
  • Profound experience in advising project management units in sound managerial and technical aspects
  • Profound experience in designing and managing agriculture/livestock projects
  • A good knowledge of commercial beef/meat or livestock value chains. 

Application deadline is 04/30/2017