Reducing post-harvest loss and engaging in value-added activities are critical elements for both improving smallholders’ food security and helping processors expand to new markets. CNFA integrates processing and modern post-harvest handling practices in its programs to expand profitability, competitiveness and export capacities of food processing enterprises. One way we accomplish this is by providing technical assistance in a variety of areas including but not limited to: distribution, cleaning, packing, sorting, storage, transportation, worker hygiene, cold storage, and processing (drying, canning, freezing, preserving fermenting, juicing). To complement our technical assistance, we also assist companies in obtaining international certifications such as HACCP, GlobalGap and ISO, which can help increase demand in both existing and new markets.

By strengthening the capacity of smallholder farmers and value adding processors, introducing new technologies, and expanding a country’s capacity to produce high-value fresh and processed products, our programs ultimately help mitigate food loss while increasing rural incomes and creating new jobs.

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