Press Release

CNFA Appoints Thad Simons as New Board of Directors Member

WASHINGTON, D.C. — CNFA, Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture, an international agricultural development organization, announced that Thad Simons has been appointed to join the CNFA Board of Directors. Simons is co-founder and managing director of The Yield Lab, which provides capital and support for early-stage agricultural technology companies, and president of The Yield Lab Institute, a nonprofit organization that works to connect agricultural entrepreneurs and relevant stakeholders. Simons previously served as president and CEO of global animal health and nutrition company Novus International, Inc.

Thad brings to the CNFA board a deep understanding of the ways that emerging technologies are transforming agriculture,” said CNFA Chair of the Board Elin D. Miller. “His work helping entrepreneurs revolutionize agrifood systems in a sustainable way pairs perfectly with CNFA’s mission, and we look forward to tapping his expertise as a new CNFA Board Member.”

Simons currently serves on the boards of several agri-technology startups, Ascus Biosciences Cryoocyte, Probiotics Holdings and Proviera, as well as on the boards of various nonprofit organizations, including The Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience, a St. Louis public school which works to educate high school students to pursue bioscience careers. Simons also formerly sat on the corporate boards of Novus International, Inc., and ESM Technologies; as well as on the boards of the Corporate Council on Africa, National Chicken Council, and American Feed Industry Association. He also previously served as president of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association.

“Thad understands how critical investments in leading-edge agricultural technologies are driving the world’s ability to ensure sustainable food production and global food security,” said CNFA President & Chief Executive Officer Sylvain Roy. “His work mentoring and investing in early-stage, entrepreneurial agri-tech companies conforms closely with CNFA’s own mission to use market-driven approaches to bring sustainable agricultural development to underserved regions of the world.”

“CNFA has been a pioneer in acknowledging the key role that entrepreneurship plays in advancing economic and food security in international development,” Simons said. “I eagerly anticipate working with the CNFA Board of Directors to further expand CNFA’s successful application of this approach around the world.”


CNFA: Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture is an international agricultural development organization that specializes in the design and implementation of sustainable, enterprise-based agricultural initiatives. We work with businesses, foundations, governments, and communities to build customized local and global partnerships that meet the world’s growing demand for food. Since our inception in 1985, we have designed and implemented enterprise-based, agricultural development initiatives to facilitate market access, enhance agribusiness competitiveness, increase productivity, and improve access to inputs and financing in 45 countries around the world.