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USAID Mission Director Attends the Inauguration of the Georgian Hazelnut Improvement Project (G-HIP) and the Global Development Alliance (GDA) between USAID and Ferrero

TSALENJIKHA, Georgia, May 4, 2016 — Representatives from the U.S., Georgian, and Italian governments traveled to Tsalenjikha to commemorate the inauguration of the Georgian Hazelnut Improvement Project and the continuation of the partnership between USAID and Ferrero. The projects are implemented by AgriGeorgia, a Ferrero subsidiary, and Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA), respectively, to support the further development of Georgian hazelnut production and processing.

The partnership between USAID and AgriGeorgia/Ferrero leverages the technical and financial resources of each partner to broaden, deepen, and advance public and private sector efforts to further develop the hazelnut industry. This unique public-private partnership aims to increase the quality, quantity, pricing, and marketability of Georgian hazelnuts to improve the livelihoods of up to 50,000 Georgian hazelnut producing families.

Partners work closely with the Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association and the Hazelnut Exporters and Processors Association to reach producers and processors to further strengthen relationships that improve hazelnut productivity and increase market linkages.

The Georgian Hazelnut Improvement Project will directly benefit from Ferrero’s contributions in production, processing, and marketing, stimulating new growth and investment opportunities for Georgia’s hazelnut industry.

In attendance at the event were USAID Mission Director Douglas Ball, Minister of Agriculture of Georgia Otar Danelia, and Italian Ambassador to Georgia Antonio Enrico Bartoli.

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