Agricultural Input Markets Strengthening Project


CNFA implemented the two-year, $250,000 USAID-funded Agricultural Input MArkets Strengthening Project (AIMS) to fill identified market gaps in Mozambique from 2006 to 2008. AIMS developed the capability of private sector agrodealers to respond to increased demand for productive inputs and opportunities for market-oriented agricultural production. Overall. AIMS opened up and established more competitive markets and agrodealer networks as primary channels through which farmers could access improved agricultural technologies, which led to better crop quality and increased incomes.


  1. Increased Availability of Agricultural Inputs: AIMS strengthened farmers’ access to inputs, including fertilizer and improved seed and crop protection products in the Beira and Nacala corridors where prospects for commercial agriculture production are improving.
  2. Encouraged Adoption of New Technology: The project boosted the adoption of best input technology packages for key commodities in the Beira and Nacala corridors, based on profitability and potential for adoption by smallholders.
  3. Improved Agricultural Input Affordability: AIMS reduced fertilizer and seed costs to smallholder farmers and increased input quality and diversity in the market, increasing crop productivity of selected commodities in target areas.
  4. Strengthened Farmer Market Access: Through linkages with new input and output markets, AIMS enhanced commercialization of smallholder agriculture.