Agricultural Support to Azerbaijan Project


The $8.5 million, four-year (2014 to 2018) Agricultural Support to Azerbaijan Project (ASAP) increased the incomes of agribusinesses and agricultural producers to accelerate the development of Azerbaijan’s non-oil economy. To accomplish this, CNFA increased access to finance using local Business Services Providers (BSPs) to grow and expand exports of agricultural entrepreneurs, promoted improved production practices through strengthened extension services, facilitated a favorable business enabling environment and expanded dialogue and the use of analytical tools and training.


ASAP was built on the successes of USAID’s support to agricultural producers and processors in Azerbaijan over the last 15 years. Various activities strengthened the ability of domestic producers to meet international quality standards, increase exports and yield better supply and domestic market demand, in turn boosting employment and incomes. ASAP targeted value chains with the highest economic potential including hazelnuts, pomegranates, orchard crops and vegetables. Activities specifically yielded these results:

  1. Increased Technology Adoption: ASAP assisted growers and processors to adopt new technologies and techniques to increase the quality and quantity of production.
  2. Supported Increased Sales: Through ASAP, CNFA facilitated increased exports and enhanced domestic marketing through more rigorous food safety systems, packing and post-harvest methods.
  3. Facilitated Business Connections: ASAP’s activities strengthened the linkages among actors in the respective value chains and fostered cooperation through strengthened industry associations.
  4. Bolstered the Quality of Services Provision: The project built the availability, quality, capacity and sustainability of BSPs and public and private extension services.
With ASAP’s assistance, we received initial HACCP recommendations for our hazelnut processing farm. We received training in Personal Hygiene, Handling of chemicals, Handling the infrastructure and, equipment, and Disinfection procedures. These trainings will help us better understand HACCP requirements and eventually getting HACCP certified to export our hazelnuts overseas.

- Mr. Ismail Orujov, owner of Orelay Hazelnut Processing

We received hands-on training in berry production from Mr. Michael Nichols provided by the ASAP project. This training was essential for us to better plan out berry production.

- Mr. Azer Amiraslanov, owner of an ASAP-supported berry farm