Business Connections Program


The two-year, $471,675 Business Connections Program (2011-2013), funded by USAID and the Government of Kazakhstan (GOKZ),  built the capacity and competitiveness of Kazakhstani small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through modernization and expansion initiatives. The program was aligned with the GOKZ’s broader national development plan to diversify the economy through the development of Kazakhstani SMEs. The Business Connections Program also supported the objectives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the JSC Entrepreneurship Fund (DAMU). CNFA helped identify expert agriculture trainers, plans and volunteer experts and helped create agriculture-related training materials to meet the program’s objectives.


  1. Provided Business Management Trainings: Identified qualified U.S. agricultural business experts to develop training curriculums and deliver business management courses to Kazakhstani participants.
  2. Organized Study Tours: Led selection process of study tour participants chosen to represent Kazakhstani companies in targets industry sectors and facilitated three-week-long study tours which included industry-specific training, business meetings with U.S. companies, roundtable seminars and trade shows.
  3. Strengthened Access to Information and Learning: Redesigned the DAMU business portal to encourage information sharing and distance learning among participants.