Market Chain Enhancement Program


In 2008, USAID awarded a $25 million, five-year contract to CNFA to help support the Market Chain Enhancement (MarChE) program. MarChE sought to increase broad-based participation by Haitians in the economy by promoting the competitiveness of Haitian enterprises, expanding local sales and export market opportunities, and promoting value-added production and private investment.

CNFA created a dual approach for the Market Chain Enhancement Program (MarChE) to ensure targeted assistance across multiple agricultural value chains. Target value chains included mango, coffee, cocoa, yam, plantain, and sweet potato crops. A comprehensive tourism development plan was also created in concert with Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism. Through the provision of both Business Development and Financial and Investment services, MarChE increased Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) competitiveness and built value-chain linkages to facilitate increased economic participation. The goals of MarChE were increased incomes and wage employment, increased trade and investment, sustainable livelihood options, and better management of Haiti’s natural resources — primarily by increasing the value of environmentally friendly products.

Program Approach:

  • Targeted mango, coffee, cocoa, essential oils, and complementary agro-systems value chains;
  • Fostered sustainable linkages among market chain participants and across multiple value chains;
  • Built SME capacity to deliver commercial business management services to enterprises and organizations;
  • Catalyzed investment through grants and engaged commercial lenders to identify opportunities for value chain financing.

Although the MarChE project was closed short of its five-year life following the tragic earthquake in 2010, CNFA made significant progress within the country: