Disease control (Tomato, Green Pepper, Onion)

Farmer-to-Farmer is a USAID-funded initiative to send American agricultural/agribusiness experts to developing countries to offer technical assistance to our host organizations. These trips are volunteer-based, but with all expenses covered by CNFA, and typically last between two and three weeks.


Teka Funtuka, a farm association based out of Tomboco, focuses on the production of onions, tomatoes, and green peppers. In 2014, the members of the association faced challenges with their yield, due to a pest infestation and crop disease. The farm association has requested a volunteer to provide technical assistance on integrated pest management and crop disease prevention.

Desired Impacts

  • Increased knowledge of Integrated Pest Management techniques for vegetables; specifically for tomatoes, green peppers, and onions
  • Ultimately, increased production and profits for member of the farm association

Desired Qualifications

  • Practical experience in vegetable production and pest management
  • Experience in teaching (particularly adult education)
  • Willingness to work for a week or more in a rural town in Angola
  • Previous experience working with rural communities, in Sub-Saharan Africa is preferred, but not required
  • Must be citizen or permanent resident of the U.S


Please email your CV to with ‘Disease control (Tomato, Green Pepper, Onion)’ as the subject.