Land and Soil Management

Farmer-to-Farmer is a USAID-funded initiative to send American agricultural/agribusiness experts to developing countries to offer technical assistance to our host organizations. These trips are volunteer-based, but all trip-related expenses are covered by CNFA, and typically last between two and three weeks.


Nankhwali Farm is a pioneering irrigation farm in Malawi which specializes in the production of orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) vines.  The owner of the farm, Ned Konala, sells the OFSP vines to both local and international NGOs, including Save the Children, Concern Worldwide and Self Help Africa, which are interested in the vines because of the nutritional benefits. Despite giving the same treatment to all plants, some plots at Nankhwali Farm do better than others. Mr. Konala believes the issue is the difference of soil type and has requested the assistance from an Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer to conduct a soil analysis and prescribe the best nourishment regime that would allow for the production of healthy and long vines.

Desired Impacts

  • Improved technical knowledge of soil management practices to increase crop quality and yield

Desired Qualifications

  • Experienced in soil science and horticulture including soil tillage, fertility, irrigation and crop rotation
  • Extensive practical experience in sweet potatoes or potatoes; knowledge of seed/vines multiplication in sweet potatoes is preferred
  • Previous experience working with rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa is preferred, but not necessary
  • Must be citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.