Zimbabwe DFAPs Mid-Term Evaluation – Questions and Answers

Would it be possible to indicate what your expectation is of actual sample sizes per community?

Offerors should propose a sample size and methodology that will produce sound data that is in line with industry standards and best practices.

Is there any indicative budget to work with?

No. Offerors should propose a realistic budget based on the resources they feel will be necessary to complete the scope of work based on their experience in completing similar assignments. A selection will be made based on best value, which combines technical qualifications and cost considerations. Offerors are encouraged to present a competitive and realistic budget for the work to be completed.

Appendices 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 were mentioned in the RFP. Would you please share the appendices?

Yes, Appendices 1 – 7 have been included in the version of the RFP updated on November 17, 2015 available below the final question. Please download the complete, updated RFP from the CNFA website.

Regarding 5.1.1, shall the cover sheet including the organization’s full name, corporate address be included in the 15 page limit?

No, the coversheet is excluded from the 15 page limit.

Would you please confirm that under section Relevant Experience 5.2, 5.2.2 will be an annex and shall include the biographical data sheets with the technical portion of the proposal?

Yes, that is correct. Section 5.2.2 is an annex and therefore excluded from the page limit. Biographical data sheets should be included in section 5.2.2.

Please confirm that the sections 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 may be combined all in one proposal and will not need to be separated by Cost and Technical information.

Yes, that is correct. All sections may be included in one submission.

Please clarify whether 5.2.7 PPRs may be included as an annex and excluded from the 15 page limit.

Yes, section 5.2.7 PPRs should be included as an annex and is therefore excluded from the 15 page limit.

Please clarify whether 5.4.1 shall be included in the 15 page limit and if budget notes will be included in the 15 page limit.

Section 5.4.1, the Budget and Budget notes, will be excluded from the 15 page limit. Please provide sufficient detail in the budget notes to understand and evaluate how the offeror arrived at the budget figures and what line item costs are included in the budget.

Would USAID consider a one week extension of the deadline for RFP responses given the short turn around time between the release of the RFP and the response deadline?

Yes, the deadline has been extended to December 4, 2015. As a clarification, this procurement and assignment is conducted by CNFA and World Vision to support USAID-funded programs implemented by the organizations in Zimbabwe. This is not a USAID procurement.

Please comment on the length of time anticipated for the awarded consultant “to examine the internal project management of staff and resources, consortium management, internal and external communication and coordination, community participation, problem solving, the M&E system, and partnerships with other projects, among others. Measures taken to protect the local ecology, ensure gender integration, conform to FFP regulations, and avoid unintentional harm must also be considered.”

The primary aims of the midterm evaluation are:  assessing the degree to which the DFAP program interventions (both ENSURE and Amalima) match the respective approved plans and identifying factors that contribute to greater or lesser program efficiency and quality of outputs and greater or lesser acceptance of the interventions by targeted communities (RFP pg.8). Internal project management, consortium management, communication/coordination, community participation, etc should be considered and recommendations made to the extent that they affect the success of program interventions and are factors in program efficiency and community acceptance. Evaluation of management, communications, etc is not a primary, stand-alone objective of the midterm evaluation, but rather an area for examination only as it specifically relates to the primary objectives of the midterm evaluation.  Please see the illustrative timeline in Exhibit A for an overview of the expected timeline for the assignment. The length of time for specific tasks will depend upon the resource levels, methodology, and preliminary findings by the selected firm.

Download Full RFP & Appendices.