Major Bowen

Associate Vice President, Security Risk Management

Major Bowen is the senior security executive at CNFA who leads the development, implementation and strategy to assess and mitigate risks, manage crises and incidents and safeguard CNFA’s people and assets globally. Bowen is a board-certified security professional with the recognition of Certified Protection Professional (CPPⓇ).

Prior to joining CNFA, Bowen worked as a lead operations officer with the Department of State, focusing on counter-violent extremism, political violence and conflict mitigation in Sub-Sahara Africa. While working at the Department of State, he did long term temporary-duty assignments in South Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria. He also worked for RTI International, where he served as a senior governance specialist focused on civil-military coordination and conflict mitigation, and as a regional team leader and operations officer on a USAID project in Iraq. Bowen retired from the U.S. Army at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, having served in the active and reserve components. He participated in several contingency and combat operations in Panama, Iraq, Kosovo and the Horn of Africa.

Bowen holds a Master of Public Administration from North Carolina State University, a graduate certificate from the Naval Post-Graduate School in Stability, Security and Development in Complex Operations (SSDCO) and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Appalachian State University.