We are a proud Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer and are supportive of family, wellness, and a healthy work-life balance.

CNFA’s staff is the most significant driver in pursuing our mission to stimulate economic growth and improve livelihoods by cultivating entrepreneurship. We champion the entrepreneurial spirit at all levels and embrace the notion that bold development solutions can come from singular, sometimes unexpected sources. Recognizing this is inherent in our DNA. Our diverse organization has grown to more than 500 employees worldwide – we are not only development experts but are also experienced business owners, agronomists, and farmers. As a global team, this collective knowledge shapes and informs our work. But what truly sets our staff apart is their passion and commitment to help those we work with – smallholder farmers, entrepreneurs, women, children and youth.

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Are you a development expert who wants to be considered for relevant future opportunities with CNFA? If so, you can use your résumé or LinkedIn to generate a general candidate profile with us. If we have a role that fits your skill set and aligns with our needs, our team will reach out! We encourage you to check our job board frequently and apply to specific opportunities of interest. To sync new applications with your existing profile in our database, simply use the same e-mail address each time.

500+ Staff

development experts, business owners, agronomists, and farmers

18 Countries

throughout Africa, Eastern Europe, South and Central Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa

42,767 Jobs

created worldwide as a result of CNFA support