USAID Agriculture Program


The USAID Agriculture Program is a five-year, $18 million program that will accelerate the growth of agricultural sub-sectors that show strong potential to create jobs; increase incomes; and increase micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) revenues, including the production and processing of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other high value horticultural products.

The program has two primary components. Under the first component, the program will provide cost-share grants to producers, processors, cooperatives, service/information/extension providers, and associations that are designed to address identified gaps in value chains. Under the second component, the program will provide demand-driven technical assistance to grant beneficiaries and other enterprises in order to maximize the benefits of cost-share grants and address value chain gaps.

Program Approach:

  1. Increase productivity and productive capacity;
  2. Build capacity to add value through processing, storage, and other techniques
  3. Meet international standards and certifications;
  4. Strengthen linkages within agricultural value chains and to new markets; and
  5. Strengthen capacity of cooperatives, extension and other service providers, associations, and other relevant organizations.

Target Impact:

  1. 3,000 new full-time equivalent jobs created by program beneficiaries
  2. An increase in sales of $60 million by assisted enterprises, including a $20 million increase in sales to export markets/buyers and a $10 million increases in sales to new domestic markets/buyers;
  3. An increase of $10 million in locally produced raw materials by assisted enterprises or cooperatives;
  4. 100 enterprises, cooperatives or organizations to receive matching grants;
  5. 500 enterprises, cooperatives or organizations to receive technical assistance;
  6. 150,000 beneficiaries to participate in technical and/or business trainings provided by assisted enterprises, cooperatives or organizations; and
  7. $7.24 million leveraged from assisted enterprises, cooperatives and organizations.


South-East Europe Development (SEEDEV) – will identify and analyze specific product-market combinations for development and will work with the Project to develop targeted Value Chain Action Plans (VCAPs) and draw on its marketing contacts to facilitate introductions and linkages with key European Union (EU) and Gulf States buyers

World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) – will draw on links to leading global cold storage and logistics companies and a wide range of industry partners, to provide technical assistance in logistics, cold storage operation, and supply chain management activities.


Expected Impact

$60 million

increase in sales by assisted enterprises


new jobs created by program beneficiaries


beneficiaries trained in technical or business capacities