Lizzie Jones

Senior Technical Director, Agriculture and Resilience

As senior technical director, Lizzie Jones manages U.S. Government and private sector-funded agriculture development programs and leads teams delivering high-quality program implementation to achieve maximum impact for beneficiaries and exceed donor expectations.

Jones brings experience in a broad range of technical areas to CNFA, ranging from food aid programming that targets the poorest of the poor to private sector-driven, high-value agriculture export activities. Her field-based experience includes both long- and short-term assignments in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Honduras, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Timor-Leste and Ukraine. Since joining CNFA in 2015, Jones has overseen CNFA’s $75 million USAID-funded Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance Amalima Loko and $61 million USAID Food for Peace Amalima programs in Zimbabwe, and $23 million USAID Food Security and Agribusiness Support Program in Egypt. Additionally, she contributes to technical program management and new business development.

Prior to joining CNFA, Jones spent two years based in Maputo, Mozambique managing a five-year, $9 million peri-urban horticulture value chain project with ACDI/VOCA. She also previously worked as a senior project coordinator at ACDI/VOCA headquarters, providing technical and administrative support to a portfolio of USAID and USDA-funded projects and supporting new business efforts.

Jones’ technical focus areas and interests include resilience, market systems programming, food security and input supply. She holds a Master of Arts in International Development from the George Washington University with a concentration in rural enterprise development.