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USAID Yidgiri Increases Access to High-Quality Poultry Feed and Chicks for the SONGVENESE Union

This article was originally published on Agrilinks on March 26, 2024. 


Poultry farming provides income, nutrition and employment for many households in Burkina Faso. Today, approximately one million smallholder producers, and up to 400 specialized, high-capacity producers, make up the country’s poultry sector. Despite this, the industry still faces challenges such as a lack of adequate hygiene practices, weak market linkages for poultry products and an inconsistent supply of feed and day-old chicks.

To address these constraints, producers in Sanmatenga Province established the SONGVENESE union in 2004 to collectively increase returns on the sale of poultry feed and chicks. As they continued their efforts to grow and meet the needs of local producers in the province, the union, which currently has 368 members, partnered with the Feed the Future-funded USAID Yidgiri Activity in 2023. The partnership supports SONGVENESE to access training resources and critical equipment for the production of high-quality chicks and feed.

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