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    Establishing New Markets for Ethiopia’s Livestock Sector

    CNFA is developing new sales relationships with businesses in Oman, UAE and Libya to ship more than $1.3 million of Ethiopian livestock products including goat meat and live camels.
  • Workers sort the olives they have harvested, Siwa Oasis.

    Creating Job Opportunities in Egypt

    Through the Zaytun Project, CNFA created 600 new jobs related to olive farming, post-harvest activities and processing by utilizing an integrated value chain approach.
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    Shared Insights Lead to Shared Successes

    Through the Farmer-to-Farmer program, CNFA strengthens linkages in fruit, vegetable, dairy and livestock value chains by providing volunteer technical assistance to farmers, value adding enterprises, associations, and agricultural service providers.
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    Strengthening Kosovo’s Agricultural Sector

    In Kosovo, CNFA has helped increase and diversify agricultural products, improve food quality and safety, and increase affordable and accessible credit for farmers across the country.

Who We are

Global economic growth is critical to future stability, and private enterprise is one of the most potent engines of development. CNFA's mission is to stimulate economic growth and improve rural livelihoods in the developing world by empowering the private sector. Watch our Brand Video to better understand who we are, our core capabilities, and our mission. Click here to visit our YouTube channel.

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As part of Devex’s #FeedingDev campaign, the Commercial Farm Service Program (CFSP) in Ethiopia wanted to hear from you!  That is why CFSP opened the discussion for anyone to ask the team questions via Facebook and Twitter #CFSPquestions.  Here are video answers by Dr. Waktola Wakgari, Chief of Party of CFSP, answering questions that were […]


Dr. Waktola Wakgari is featured in an op-ed published on Devex, as part of their #FeedingDev campaign, discussing the success of building a network of Farm Service Centers in Ethiopia. These stores serve as “one-stop-shops” for smallholder farmers by providing a complete range of inputs, services, information and output marketing linkages.

CNFA Volunteer shares a laugh with her trainee during a business development assignment in Mozambique. The time they share together has created lasting memories and relationships for both the volunteer and the people she trained.

This article is a contribution to a week-long blog carnival on USAID’s John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program. From July 14-18, F2F program partners and American volunteers are sharing their knowledge and experience of providing technical assistance to farmers, farm groups, agribusinesses, service providers, and other agriculture sector institutions in developing and transitional […]